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What our IELTS candidates say

Moiz Jawaid 


Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Ali pro, I really liked the listening exam with headphones by the British Council. Luckily, I got 7.5 bands which meets my immigration requirement. The best place for IELTS preparation is Sir Shirazi's Academy.


Muhammad Hamza Bin Tariq 


Band score: 7. Agent's name: Ali pro The British Council conducted the IELTS exam in an impressive manner. I really felt comfortable on my exam day. Last but not the least, Sir Shirazi's Academy is the best place for IELTS preparation. 


Noman Saeed 


Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Ali Pro documentation. I got the required score in my IELTS exam. In the beginning, I was very confused but Sir Shirazi guided me very well and convinced me to appear in IELTS exam with the British Council. Indeed, I liked it very much!


Shuja Ershad 


Band score: 7. Agent's name:Mr Ali  IELTS with the British Council in April 2017 was a wonderful experience for me. I obtained the needed band for my immigration. Sir Shirazi is one of the best IELTS trainers.


Sidrah Farooq 


Band score: 8. Agent's name: Sir Ali pro Doc. Although I am a lecturer in Karachi University, but the way Sir Shirazi taught was excellent and he convinced me to appear in the IELTS exam with the British Council. I really enjoyed and felt comfortable during my exam.



Syed Sanan Zia Gilani 


Band score: 7. Agent's name:  Mr Smith Mohamed. I'm glad to score 7.0 in IELTS Academic as it was my dream to pursue my post graduate degree from Australia. I'm thankful to Almighty Allah, my family and Roma Institute of Modern Studies administration and faculty for providing me excellent learning session. The material, valuable suggestions and 'mock IELTS' exposed me to the format of questions possible in the IELTS exam. Thanks British Council in Pakistan!  


Noor-E-Hira Ahmer 


Band score: 8. Agent's name: Mr Ali. One thing outstanding about the British Council is the quality of results that they are maintaining. The service of staff out there at exam centre is really good. They cooperate with every student individually if they encounter any problem out there. Choosing ABN to prepare for IELTS and British Council for taking this test was a good decision, it was a good experience. I'm really thankful to ma'am Fatima Mazhar as she was very supportive.


Rida Naz 


Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Mohamed Smith. Many thanks to British Council for helping me get this score. Had I not taken the test with British Council, it won't have been possible for me to achieve this score. Secondly, ABN IELTS coaching is among the best in town. The way ma'am Fatima brushed up my skills in quite limited time, is unmatchable. She is immensely cooperative and considerate. I am wholeheartedly thankful to my IELTS trainer and ABN team.


Saqib Jawaid 


Band score: 7. Agent's name: Ali Pro Doc. British Council is the best place for IELTS exam. I had a great experience. Furthermore, Sir Shirazi's Academy is the best place for IELTS preparation.


Adnan Aslam 


Band score: 7: This band score is my requirement and thanks to Sir Mohamed Smith who helped me in every way to improve my proficiency. I'm sure that without Sir Danish's help it was a difficult task. British Council is the best organisation which opens new doors of opportunities for us. Now I'm able to apply in a good level university to continue my studies in the field of commerce.


Ahsan Ejaz 


Band score: 7. Agent's name:Ali pro completed my IELTS in October 2016 from the British Council. British Council provides the best facilities and a great ambiance during the course to their students which helps them for their bright future. British Council helped me in achieving my goals to study in Canada.


Bisma Nazir 


Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Hello friends, In the future, I plan to pursue my career in medicine in the UK. IELTS was required for me to register for PLAB exam. Under supervision and support of Sir Mohamed Smith, I was able to get my required band score and now I am eligible to appear in PLAB exams, which would serve as a foundation for my desired career choices. 


Choudhry Hamza Shahid 


Band score: 7. Agent's name:it's Amezed Mr Ali pro doc. I am overwhelmed to see my IELTS score and I am now able to study in Australia as IELTS made my way easy to study abroad. It was a great learning journey for me.


Hamza Iqbal Bhawana 


Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Mohamed Smith. I had a wonderful experience of taking my examination with the British Council. My teacher Sir Mohamed Smith suggested me to take my IELTS with the British Council and I am glad to have succeeded with high scores.


M. Umair Siddiqui 


Band score: 7.5. Agent's name:  Mr Ali pro  Now I have a firm belief that 'IELTS with the British Council is difficult' was a myth. But now that I have my score in front of me, I think it makes my words substantial.


Mohammed Adil 


Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Ali Pro Doc. One of the most influential teachers who I have ever met is Sir Shirazi. He prepared me for IELTS in an excellent way. Furthermore, it was a good experience with the British Council.


Nafees Ahmad 


Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Mohamed Smith. I got the required score through IELTS with the British Council in October 2016. Sir Shirazi taught me very well. Now, I am on my way to Australian immigration after which, I will excel in my career properly for a prosperous future.


Saad Aijaz 


Band score: 8. Agent's name: hello (( The aim of a teacher is to deliver his best to his students...Sir Shirazi, undoubtedly, guided me towards the right path and gave hist best. I dedicate my success to Sir Shirazi's efforts. Having achieved band 8, I am eligible to study in a top notch university in Australia 
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